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Friday, August 11, 2006

On Equal Opportunity

Here is my article on equality: On Equality.

One might inquire, "Lord Feverstone, I concede there is no equality between persons, but what are your thoughts on equal opportunity?"

Can anyone say truly equal opportunity exists? Suppose a community hosts a no-charge-for-admission function open to the public. Is that truly equal opportunity for all? What if I live on the other side of the planet? Do I have equal opportunity to attend that function as someone who lives in that community? Would it be feasible for the community to send invitations to every person in the world? And what of the issue of many different languages? Does anyone seriously think this community is going to translate the invitation for everyone's native language and ensure everyone the world over receives an invitation they can read? For that matter, do they ensure those who are blind receive braille invitations? If they decide to give the invitation online, what of the people who do not have access to a computer and an internet connection? If they decide to give the invitation via television, what of those who do not have access to one? If this community would be able to give the message to everyone in the world and allow sufficient time for everyone to arrive, would there be sufficient space to accommodate everyone? Of course not! The community function is not a true example of equal opportunity.

Should there be equal opportunity? As my example above illustrates, it is quite impractical and inefficient. But what of equal opportunity to everyone who can apply for a job opening, for example? If the employer tries to give equal consideration to all who apply, there is no one stopping him. What if the employer is discriminatory? It is his time, money and assets on the line. If he only wants to hire polka-playing Eskimos, that is his affair. If his business fails because of poor hiring policies, again, that is his affair. I do not advocate any "Equal Opportunity" commissions or bureaucracies in my ideal monarchy.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...


This is ThePatriarch, from Standyourground.com

You might want to read this:


I just want to point out that equality of opportunity doesn't optimise the workforce.

The same can be said about equality of result.

La Griffe is more elegant than I am. So I won't repeat what he can say in a better way than I can.

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Blogger Lord Feverstone said...

Thank you for directing me to the article.

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