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Friday, August 04, 2006

On Marriage

One of the foundations of society, marriage, is crumbling. An astonishing, disturbing percentage of "till death to us part" vows are spoken and proven empty. Countless families are shattered and scarred. Alas, what can be done to mend such brokenness?

What is marriage? It is a lifetime commitment between a man and a woman for mutual encouragement, companionship and procreation. The future of society rests upon healthy marriages producing healthy offspring. The world is a cruel and lonely place. It is beneficial for people to have a loving, supportive family to come home to when the inevitable storms of life manifest.

Why are marriages falling apart? Easy access to divorce plays a considerable role. Now, one does not even have to prove one's spouse broke the marriage vows. One can unilaterally proclaim the relationship to be ended and the government honours that decision. Worse yet, the same spouse who breaks the vows can end the marriage, take custody of the children and be entitled to assets and monetary support from the other. To whom is this repulsive power most often given to? The wife, of course. Her commitment to her husband ends when she says it does and his commitment to her is always in force. Is this justice?

Why should a man get married when divorce and its distasteful consequences hang over his head throughout? Are there any guarantees his bride-to-be will take her vows seriously and not exercise the destructive power given to her? Make no mistake; there are ultimately no winners in divorce except for those who seek the destruction of marriage and the collapse of society.

How can this crisis be managed? Eliminate no-fault, easy divorce. If marriage is to be a lifetime commitment, the partners ought not be given incentive to shirk their responsibilities and break their vows. If ending commitments is free from consequences for one or both parties, it is logical to anticipate many ended commitments.

Once government and the people start taking marriage seriously again, people will not be so hasty as to make solemn commitments they are not sure they will keep. Relationships will be more likely to last and we will be a happier, stronger society.


Blogger NYMOM said...

You appear to be an intelligent young man who is entering what can prove to be the best years of your life. Yet I can see by the links in your sidebar that you are already under the influence of a group of angry, bitter, malcontents who have nothing good to say about the society we live within.

Remember in the second part of our lives educational and economic attainment decide who are the success stories in our society, so generally the former victims of bullies rule and bullies go on to becoming gas station attendants...

Don't make the mistake of messing up your future by listening to a pack of losers who are jealous of women and generally hate everything our civilization has created.

They are bomb throwers who care about nothing but themselves.

Avoid them and that Stand Your Ground as it's a bad influence on young men...

1:04 PM  
Anonymous MarkyMark said...


You're an idiot! I couldn't stomach your post much past the first paragraph or two; I've read your posts on other blogs, so I knew where you were going-making an ad hominem attack rather than dealing with the ISSUES.

Why hasn't Lord Feverstone married? Why have I not married? Why have many guys opted out of marriage? Simply because it's a lousy deal for us, that's why. I would love to get married. Unfortunately, I've had to rebuild my life twice; I cannot AFFORD to have some flaky woman take me to the cleaners. I'm 44, and I want to have a pot to piss in when I'm older, thank you very much.

It is obvious that you've never been to family court; it's certainly obvioius that you have no empathy for what men face there. I've BEEN THERE. I was falsely accused of DV. When my lawyer tried to argue a point of law pertaining to my case (mainly that I wasn't under the law's purview), the judge just cut him off in mid-sentence! When men say they have no rights there, they're telling the truth. BTW, in all the other cases that came before mine that day, the judge ALWAYS ruled in favor of the women.

Would I love to get married? Would I love to have someone to come home to at night? Would I love someone to help me out? The answer is yes. However, women do not have to honor their marriage vows, and they're rewarded for breaking them & dissolving their marriages, which they do 70% of the time.

I'm out of here. If anything, Lord Feverstone understates his case. I and others like him are not some bitter, angry malcontents; we just don't like the shit sandwiches women have figuratively offered us men, trying to tell us it's Filet Mignon!

11:17 PM  
Blogger Lord Feverstone said...

MarkyMark, thank you for sharing your thoughts. Yes, I did understate my case. The reason is many people have far more eloquently revealed the mockery that was once marriage than I have likely due to personal experience.

3:43 AM  
Blogger NYMOM said...

Oh for God's sake markymark you are 44 years old, he's 25...

I think there is a vast difference in how you should approach life.

He's never had the opportunities you've had...you've experienced marriage TWICE, he's never even had a date he claims.

The selfishness of you in trying to overlay your bad experiences with women onto someone else is simply mind-boggling.

5:14 AM  
Blogger Duncan Idaho said...

Lord Feverstone, you're doing well if you've managed to get your first ranting angry response from NYMOM.

Note her laughable lack of logic: Don't make the mistake of messing up your future by listening to a pack of losers who are jealous of women and generally hate everything our civilization has created.

Yeah, our civilization has created a lot, or more specifically, us men have. Women have created very little. In the four-decades women have had a significant influence on Western Society they have utterly, utterly screwed it up with their rampant hedonism and failure to comprehend cause-and-effect, like treating men like shit and suddenly wondering why men start avoiding them.

5:39 AM  
Blogger NYMOM said...

We borne the babies that grow up to be the ingrates like you.


That's what we created...although in your case I would say it's definitely a case of creating a 'frankenstein monster'...

6:44 PM  
Blogger Reckless_the_Ronin said...

Wow, first post in, and already this skank nymom is slinging around insults like "bitter womanhating loser" for any guy who suggests that marriage isn't in a man's best interest. Meanwhile, in the same breath, she's heaping praise and adoration upon women who have decided to have children without fathers. Do you draw square circles in the sand often nymom?

First of all, no one, not a one of us, is holding a gun to anyone's head forcing anyone to not marry. Not a single one of us is threatening or cajoling this gentleman into remaining single. You know why this guy is remaining single? Here's a hint: yall ladies aren't as great as you think you are, and anyone who really looks for themselves will see this clearly.

Your whole nature is centered around the twin pillars of victimhood and entitlement, so much so that you can't even see it for yourself. You effectively call this gentleman loser, because he doesn't want to be married, and because he hangs around people who don't want to be married, seeing as it has no benefits for the man. What would you say of a man who calls a woman a weakling and not a real woman because she won't marry a man? We can already guess because you're here posting the tripe you are, and not fingering the 70% of women who initiate divorces in this country, and the women who choose to become single parents to their children's detriment.

You try and tell this man where to go, and who to associate with, with the admonishment that we are bad influences to young men. I'm sorry, but were you ever a young man? Not, "did you have a son, did you have a brother, do you know men?" Were you ever a young man? No? Then maybe you should sit the fuck down and shut up, before I take your argument and use it to tell you what you should do with your body and your "sainted" womb, what with certain things being a bad influence on women and all. Bad influence indeed...

And while we're on the subject of hypocrisy, I find it amazing that you even said this:

NYMom Said:

As it's a lot more complicated and expensive for a man to decide to have children without a wife or girlfriend involved, then it is for a woman to get an anonymous sperm donor and have children on her own.

It can be done for men through single parent adoptions and hiring surrogate mothers but it's very expensive and a lot of trouble. So frankly I don't see too many men bothering with it.

And then this:

The problem is not getting you back, it's keeping you out of our lives with the constant stream of meddlesome laws and public policies you have devised to give men undeserved rights and unearned privileges to the fruits of womens' wombs.

That's the problem.

You keep acting like you speak for all men with your attitude but I have to look at the actions of most men as exemplified by laws and public policies and measure real intent through those, not just through the words of one man on a blog.

AND based upon that, it doesn't look to me like you speak for many men. Especially since most legislative bodies, governors, senators, representatives, our President as well as MOST of the Supreme Court are men and involved in passing these laws and public policies.

Thus I must assume MOST men agree with them and not with you.

So wait, either it's way harder for us to have children by ourselves, or many men have passed laws making it easy to take the "fruit of your womb" away from you, thus making it easier for us. Ok, that could be interpeted as a bit of a false dillema, but when you couple that with the fact that women have a whole battery of laws that turn men into their personal ATM's just for being married, I wonder where you get off talking about anyone taking the fruit of anything. In this country, a woman can literally sit on her ass, get a guy to fuck her two or three times, get a ring, and get divorced a week later and get half his stuff if he wasn't smart and hid his assets. Fruit indeed: Puff Daddy paying two million dollars in "child support," but he gets visitation rights to the baby. Bitch talking about "the child needs to have a standard of living equal to his father." Wouldn't the simple solution to that be to leave the child with his father? That child doesn't require 2 million a month for anything and we know it: bitch spread her legs, got pregnant, and left, and now she's getting 2 million. Did she help Puff Daddy with item one in his rap business? Stealing fruit indeed...

The man has his eyes open, there's no reason to get married here in America: women walk around wearing shirts saying "I'm not a bitch, I'm THE BITCH, I'm too cute for you, Maybe if you were hotter, If you've stared at me this long the cops are on their way," and other man deriding shit. Women going around boasting that they need men like fish need bicycles. Guess what skank: the bicycles don't mind not having fish on their seats either. You want to keep talking about how women don't need men, how women can just use men for baby gravy and get another man to support them. I have news for you sister, men built society, we support society, as more and more of us wake up and realize we're being sold a bill of goods, we're going to check out and not support your shit anymore. 50% of all marriages already end in divorce, and that number is only going up. Older guys who have already been assraped are eventually going to cash out of the game altogether, if they haven't already. Young guys like lordfeverstone here and myself (I'm only 26) aren't even cashing in to the game: not only have we seen too many older guys getting assraped, but we've been screwed over too many times ourselves. Yeah, that thought never occured to you did it: young guys are pretty much built to seek out female affection and approval. Most of the time one pretty girl can sway a guy away from three of his male friends. How badly does a young man have to be treated before the very thought of woman becomes offensive to him, and he respects nothing she has to say? Guys can talk badly about women all they want, but in the end it's you skanks doing exactly what we say you do that makes the hardcore converts.

11:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good post Lord Feverstone. I totally agree and think you understated just how bad it really is.

NYMOM: Shut the hell up. You just further reinforce every negative viewpoint of women with each typed word.

2:23 PM  

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