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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Weight Loss Update

My Weight Loss Program

This morning, I checked my weight and found I had reached the milestone of 170 pounds. Granted, my progress has not been as rapid as I would prefer, which is probably due to not being as strict as I should have been. At one point, I was afraid I had gained weight and was reluctant to get on the scale, but I was relieved when I saw I had still made progress.

I have more I want to lose, since I still think I look too big. I may not endeavour to lose as much as I had originally planned, because there are some who would needlessly worry about it.


Blogger nigeles175d said...

I often fear that calorific reduction can cause the body to react in terms of metabolic efficiency and hormone level adjustments. Have you considered reducing carbohydrates, or replacing simple carbohydrates with complex ones, as well as reducing fat and increasing protein? Cardiovascular work before breakfast will help burn fat when your body's carbohydrate stores are low. Anabolic (heavy load, muscle generating) exercise early evening followed by a low-carb/high-protein meal prior to sleeping will allow the higher levels of human growth hormone during sleep to build muscle, which itself, even at rest will increase your body's basic metabolic rate. An approximate rule of thumb is that for every pound of extra muscle you build, it requires an extra 50 kcals per day, which itself will burn the equivalent of 1lb of fat every 10 weeks. Basic weight-training for a beginner thrice weekly can easily add 1lb per month.

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