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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

"Human Rights" Ruling on High School Hockey

Girls get shot at boys' hockey

Hockey-playing sisters Amy and Jesse Pasternak are savouring their victory at the Manitoba Human Rights Commission that will allow them to play for their high school boys team.

What does allowing two clearly attention-seeking girls the opportunity to play on a boys hockey team have to do with "human rights?"

It gets better.

The Grade 12 students took their complaint to the commission this spring to protest a Manitoba High Schools Athletic Association policy forbidding girls from playing on a boys team when a school has a girls squad.

The association argued the policy was an integral part of a participation-based approach to sports that isn’t based on merit.

But the girls, who had played on community boys teams for years, called their school’s girls team a joke and said some students had trouble simply skating.

There already was a girls team for them, but they just have to play with the boys. In the midst of their "brave battle against the patriarchy," they proceed to insult the girls team. These girls ooze class. They could have simply said, "We just want a chance to play on a better hockey team."

“The commission has said if you have the ability to make a team, you should make the team. But what about boys? If the boys have the ability to make a girls team, should they be allowed?

“If it’s strictly merit-based or ability-based it opens up a whole ball of wax.”

I would be flabbergasted if the reverse-allowing boys to play on girls teams-was allowed as a logical result of this decision. According to this article, at least one boy is prepared to put this to the test. We all know the classic double-standard: girls should be allowed the opportunity to play on both girls and boys teams, but boys should only be allowed to play on boys teams. What amazes me is there are some people who consider this arrangement to be "fair."

Dianna Scarth, executive director of the commission, hailed the decision as a great lesson for all young girls.

“We hope this will send a message that where they see discrimination happening in their workplaces, or in their schools, there are ways of addressing that,” said Scarth.

And now we see what this ruling is really all about-feminism.

The girls were each awarded $3,500 in general damages as well as special individual coaching to account for the fact they were not able to play for the past few years.

Not only do these classless attention-seekers win their coveted opportunity, but they are also awarded thousands in "damages" and one-on-one coaching. Unbelievable!

According to this article, which is an interesting follow-up, this ruling will prove costly to the MHSAA.

The MHSAA is considering appealing the ruling and will make a decision within the next two weeks.

"Money is a factor," Glimcher said.

The not-for-profit association was dealt a financial blow when Harrison ordered it to pay each Pasternak twin $3,500 in compensation for loss of dignity and cover the cost of special one-on-one hockey coaching. The MHSAA has hefty legal bills resulting from the challenge.

"We don't receive any government funding," Glimcher said. "The (Manitoba) Human Rights Commission has deep pockets, and it's not costing the Pasternaks any money."

The association may have to raise its membership fees to make ends meet, he added.

So the damages are for "loss of dignity." What rubbish! The MHSAA has to pay them directly in addition to considerable legal bills, which will be undoubtedly exacerbated if they decide to appeal. They lose either way. What is even worse about this is these girls apparently can litigate for free.

Whatever happened to sports being an entertaining diversion?


Blogger Rich Bansha said...

This won't be the last of it. Expect the MHSAA to be sued again during this season. There will be some high sticking incident or a hard check into the boards that will spur these girls into filing another suit for failing to "protect" them from male violence.

If I were the coach of their team, I would be strongly tempted to have these girls go to the local magistrate before every game. They can get "Protection Orders" against every player on the opposing team because they are "afraid" of these demonstrably violent boys. PPOs in hand, I would have the other team ejected from the rink by the police and win every game by forfit. Think of it... An undefeated season without having to take to the ice.

9:05 PM  

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